Thai Massage

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Being in the body is to be embodied- to contain that of which we are.

Our body is our home.
It allows us to engage with the world, sense and take in our surroundings,
enjoy laughter, emotion, and experiences of all kinds.

When we nourish and care for this home, we naturally feel better, we feel well.
When we feel well, we tend to do well in other areas of our life.

Birthwyse Inc, is committed to supporting you to feel at home in and in love with your body. We work together to discover the areas of your body, mind, and heart that are disconnected and using Therapeutic Yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy we restore those disconnects. All body services provide compassionate, warm, and kind care intended to support the restoration of Whole Health.

​Thai Yoga Massage
This is an amazing body therapeutic intended to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, release tension, improve circulation, and bolster your bodies natural healing capacity. Often called, ‘lazy-wo/mans’ yoga Birthwyse Inc. will guide your body through gentle yoga postures while simultaneously palming and thumbing along the Sen lines (energy lines) and palpating the Marma points (similar to acupuncture points) of the body. This thumbing, palming, and gentle stimulation of the body supports your innate healing capacity. This therapy combines elements of cranial sacral, mama chikitsa, energy work and pranayama to leave you feeling nourished, calm, restored, and grounded.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions
Yoga is fabulous at helping your body open, calming your nervous system, and helping you to move/breath with sensation. Integrative yoga supports you in connecting with your body in uniquely mindful ways. It’s focus on balance and alignment, facilitates ease of movement, stability from the core, and remedies your bodies mis-alignments.In these one- to- one sessions, we explore the connection between your mind and body, unravel places of tension, and strengthen.

Additional information

Number of Sessions

3 sessions $260 (you can share this and the following with one other person), 5 sessions for $440, 7 sessions for $620, 10 sessions for $900, Group Packages: 4 people $50/person, Group Packages: 6 people+ $45/person

Type of Service

Thai Yoga Massage $105, Therapeutic Yoga Sessions $105.00


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