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Is your Healer or Teacher Right For You?

Something interesting came into my awareness over the last few weeks, thus, I felt compelled to share with you.

When people are choosing someone to work with, as a healer, or a teacher, they need to feel connected to that person.

It is very important that something within you is saying “yes, it’s her/him”. If you are feeling pushed to a healer or teacher by friends or family, make sure you pay attention to whether or not they feel right for you. Not every person is meant to connect with someone just because your own friends or family ascertain this is the best person for you.

We need you to trust your instincts. If you feel a connection, a draw, or intrigue about a healer or teacher, that’s a great thing! And chances are, you and your friends and family may all be very content with the same healer. What you need to know is that the person who will teach and help with your healing, often has something in common with you, and where you are on your journey. They have already had an experience or a life lesson that you may be struggling through at this point, and thus, your angels would send you to connect with that person.

As a healer and a teacher, myself, I marvel at how the universe works! Many times I’ll be in the midst of a healing, and the connection between myself and my client becomes obvious. As someone who has gone through divorce, or health issues, or challenges around parenting a child with an illness, the Angels already know what I’ve experienced and what I’ve learned. It is my job to share the wisdom and guidance that came from my experience as well as what comes from your own Angels and Guides. It is a truly beautiful feeling to help calm my client and reassure them, as I know they will get through whatever challenges they face.

Now, just because I have experience in life, as we all do, this hardly makes me an expert. What it does do, is shows you one possible solution to your challenges.

Every one of us, myself included, has connected with a healer or a teacher, and felt a little off – like something didn’t jive, or that the experience left us feeling like something was missing. This is likely because that person didn’t vibrate the way we do…thus not a match.

Something else to be wary of, is paying attention to how the healer or teacher speaks of others. Make sure the person you are working with is authentic, passionate, and truly believes in what they are doing. Authentic people don’t worry about how many clients they have, or want to limit your personal experience by asking you to stop seeing other healers or teachers. Authentic people also trust that you came to them, because you were intended to work together. A good relationship with a healer or teacher will provide you with the sensation of being uplifted and supported, not burdened or downtrodden.

When someone is operating out of fear, or feelings of competition, this often indicates an area where they could do some healing for themselves. If someone has to raise up themselves by putting others down, this is a self-esteem or ego issue. It is important to pay attention to how that person speaks of others they have worked with, or other teachers and healers. In addition, if you are in a relationship, and your partner or best friend says you cannot see other teachers or healers, I highly recommend reviewing their motivation for that situation.

Another important thing to pay attention to is how do you feel when you are around that teacher or healer? Are you open to explore yourself? Are you willing to be honest and share with them what’s happening in your life, so that you may experience the full benefits of the experience? Or do you feel a need to shut down, or protect yourself. If it’s the latter, you have connected with someone who is not necessarily good for you. Your Team (Angels and Guides) will be happy to chat with someone who is good for you, can assist you in your journey. Your intuition will tell you if the person before you is not that person.

It’s also good to know that we don’t need to run out and take every course when we are on our spiritual journey. Trust the Universe, or your team to let you know if something is a good fit, if it will benefit you, and feel confident that you’ve chosen the right teacher, or the right healer.

Healers and teachers are not completely healed, but they have often gone through some healing experiences that can benefit you. In addition, they are not perfect, we are all still human. We are still working on our own journey, and will always have things to learn.

Spiritual journeys do not have rungs of achievement, no one is further along their journey than someone else, and there is no hierarchy or awards ceremony. It’s important to recognize that when we want to quantify where we are on our journey, which is our Ego stepping in, and wanting to compete with others.

Healthy healers and teachers are those that are in gratitude for their journey, are humble and recognize that without the loving support of their own guidance, the Universe, Source, Spirit or God as you see it, they would not be able to assist others. It is beautiful to receive affirmation that the client has moved further on their journey, but it is not acceptable to take credit for their transformation. The client did the work, the healer or teacher did not. By facilitating a safe place, by encouraging our clients, by loving supporting through messages, or by giving the client another way to sort out things, we are not responsible for the healing the client does. Everyone has free will. It works the same in the reverse. If the client does not make changes in their life or their thinking, they have that choice. It is not the fault of the healer or teacher if the client decides not to make changes as recommended.

One more important thing to note is ethics. It is completely inappropriate for a healer or a teacher to every share specific details about your sessions. You need to be able to trust that the session is completely private, that all things shared are shared in a safe and sacred space. If someone speaks about a client and shares details, I would avoid working with them, the same way you would in the professional world. A Healer or Teacher holds a sacred gift of discretion and privacy when they work with someone. When a healer wants to use an example, it should be generalized, and they should have permission to share even the generalized information.

What makes you feel secure to work with a healer or a teacher? What do you value most? We’d love to hear your thoughts, write to me and let me know what’s important to you!

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